Founded in 2010 by a team of game veterans and backed by angel investors, Silicon Valley-based Narvalous is a mobile and browser game publisher that is focused on delivering “NARVALOUS happiness projects” globally using their scalable and optimized publishing services on iOS, Android, xGamePortal and Facebook. Narvalous played a significant role as a strategic partner in making Wartune) Facebook Game of the Year 2013. Wartune was adapted from 神曲, an MMORPG browser game developed by 7-Road and published by Proficient City

NARVALOUS happiness projects

Who we are

We can sense good games thousands of miles away. We are experts in localizing, marketing, and turning good games into amazing games. We are the unstoppable narwhals of the gaming world.


What we do

We present game players with the best quality games from around the world, and work with them to build a fun and friendly gamers’ community.

How we do it

We scout and evaluate to find games the world would love. We help localize everything from language to gameplay, and from economics to events. Our games can gain users exponentially by integrating with Facebook and Narvalous’ xGamePortal in days, and we take care of promotions and operations for our developers.